Anything is possible with trustworthy allies and a
community to believe in when working in an unfamiliar place.

Communities that push its members to challenge themselves
are the fastest way to success.

One&Co provides international businesses' valuable opportunities to
form a community through local networking.

We are a platform with a trustworthy network and community
where it's possible to spend less time worrying, and spend more time focusing on work.

One&Co Community Characteristics

Community Conductors (Resident Staff)

Our Japanese managers and Singaporean staff work as community conductors helping members make business connections through the networking facilitation and active encouragement of community participation.

Community Partner Introductions

Many problems can arise when conducting business internationally.
One&Co's partner specialist companies can offer assistance in finding ways to resolve these quickly.
From tax to legal matters to PR and financing, our partners are ready to help regardless of your profession.

Community Event Hosting

Weekly events and seminars to connect business people with similar goals, problems, and interests.
We don't simply offer solutions to problems at our events but also provide valuable opportunities for participants to seek advice from each other.

Community Events

As can only be done in Singapore, events such as tax and legal seminars,
English lessons, and matching of human resources and businesses.
These events address the needs of our customers and are held regularly.

  • Networking Events
    Not only do we facilitate interaction and networking between our members, but also non-member businesses and Japanese-speaking Singaporeans.
  • Lessons
    With a focus on English as a common language for communication, we offer language lessons to help your business thrive in Singapore.
  • Seminars
    Business is the center of what we do, however we also offer seminars on a broad range of subjects including culture and lifestyle.