One&Co's 4 Unique Characteristics


For all types of corporations, government entities,
as well as startups and freelancers.
At One&Co, new connections are formed
between business people of all backgrounds,
giving way to the creation and continual growth of a community where new possibilities can be discovered.

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One-stop services for conducting business
in Singapore in the best way possible.
From founding a company, to hiring talent, to finding local businesses and fans,
as well as information for everyday life,
We provide the support for your success.
  • Visa Acquisition
  • Tax
  • Audit Support
  • Legal Support
  • Recruiting
  • Sales Expansion
  • PR
  • Real Estate

and more


The hotel lounge-like design of our space makes for a sense of calm and sophistication.
By using materials that provide a sense of gentle warmth,
it becomes clear that this is a place where communication between members occurs naturally as part of the ordinary work day.
Relax and focus in our large space and be at ease -- even while working remotely in this international environment.


Located in the business center of Singapore, Tanjong Pagar, we are a short 2-minute walk from the station.
You can make it to our facilities even on the rainiest of days.
  • dry
    Fully Sheltered
  • bag
    Central Business Area
    of Singapore
  • restaurant
    Surrounded by Many Restaurants

20 Anson Road, #11-01 Twenty Anson, Singapore 079912

A 2-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar Station