Inclusion | Innovation | Impact



Platform for Innovative Businesses.
This is what we aim to be.
In order to achieve this goal, we value the Inclusion of all different kinds of people
regardless of nationality, religion, gender, social standing, or world view.
By doing so, we hope that all of our members can share in the spirit of enjoyment, collaboration, and discovery --
right here in this diverse city of Singapore.
This enthusiasm will not only birth Innovation,
but also propel the world forward
while making an Impact on society.


At One&Co, we believe that learning and making connections are vital to the coworking experience. By offering a service that combines all these, we hope to facilitate the natural formation of a community amongst our users.

  • Coworking


    A borderless environment rich with new business opportunities for all.

    By using materials that invoke a sense of warmth, our users can feel welcome as they go about their daily work while interacting with their fellow community members. By offering a spacious area that allows for both relaxation and focus, our users can be at ease, even if they are visiting from abroad.

  • Colearning


    Experience new ways of thinking, put your thoughts into words, and make new discoveries.

    Communication and professional development opportunities not available at other coworking spaces are made possible for our users through our language school and workshops.

    Colearning School

    Through the English and Japanese language lesson offerings, we give our users a place where they can use language learning as a starting point for communication.

    Business Seminars

    We offer a place where people of various experience and professional backgrounds can gather to gain information that is interesting or relevant to them.

  • Connection


    Japan and Singapore, People and Technology, the creation of new relationships, and continually expanding networks.

    Our Community Conductors (resident staff) support and promote communication between our users. Through business matching, “JAPAN RAIL CAFE,” and other collaborative events, we create opportunities for our clients—whether they be companies or individuals—to interact with each other and build new relationships.


For all types of corporations, government entities,
as well as startups and freelancers.
At One&Co, new connection are formed between business people of all backgrounds, giving way to the creation and continual growth of a community
where new possibilities are discovered.

Community Conductors (Resident Staff)

Our Japanese and Singaporean staff work as Community Conductors, helping members to make business connections through networking facilities and active encouragement of community participation.

Community Partner Introductions

Many problems can arise when conducting business internationally.
One&Co's partner specialist companies can offer assistance in finding ways to resolve these quickly. From tax to legal matters to PR and financing, our partners are ready to help regardless of your profession.

Community Event Hosting

At our events, we don't simply offer solutions to problems – we also provide valuable opportunities for participants to seek advice from each other.

Community Events

As can only be done in Singapore, we have tax and legal seminars,
English language lessons, and matching of human resources and businesses.
These events address the needs of our customers and are held regularly.

  • 交流会 交流会
    Networking Events
    Not only do we facilitate interaction and networking between our members, but also non-member businesses and Japanese-speaking Singaporeans.
  • レッスン レッスン
    With a focus on English as a common language for communication, we offer language lessons to help your business thrive in Singapore.
  • セミナー セミナー
    Business is the center of what we do, however we also offer seminars on a broad range of subjects, including culture and lifestyle.


Our coworking space was designed with our members' comfort in mind.
It is a space that will not only allow people to work comfortably and efficiently, but also a space that allows innovation and the opportunity to meet new business partners.


A variety of plans to suit your needs.
We also provide flexibility for every phase of your company's development.

  • Private Offices
  • Dedicated Desk(1 Pax)
  • Hot Desk(1 Pax)
  • Virtual Office
  • Drop In(1 Pax)


  • 2-Pax Room

    SGD1,600 and up
  • 4-Pax Room

    SGD3,200 and up
  • 6-Pax Room

    SGD5,400 and up

Dedicated Desk
(1 Pax)

  • 1 Month


Hot Desk
(1 Pax)

  • 1 Month

  • 10 Days



  • Plan A

  • Plan B

  • Plan C


(1 Pax)

  • 2 Hours

  • 4 Hours

  • 8 Hours

For more price and facility details, please download the PDF below.
One&Co Price Plan


Located in the business center of Singapore, Tanjong Pagar, we are a short 2-minute walk from the station.
You can make it to our facilities even on the rainiest of days.
  • dry
    Fully Sheltered
  • bag
    Central Business Area
    of Singapore
  • restaurant
    Surrounded by Many Restaurants

20 Anson Road, #11-01 Twenty Anson, Singapore 079912

A 2-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar Station

+65 6303 5299(MON-FRI 9:00〜18:00)