[Vision of Japan ~ Let’s talk it easy!] BUNRAKU – Through eyes of puppets

‘Vision of Japan ~ Talk it easy!’ brings the opportunity to understand the motivation and the driving forces of Japanese people.

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Through insightful observation of its culture and language, you will realize how the Japanese hospitality, technologies and high-efficiency are produced.

The talk is presented by Kaz Miyagawa, who is an enthusiastic language teacher, in English and you can expect to learn the basic Japanese language, too!




Kaz Miyagawa Graduated Meiji university, Tokyo in 1987, Mr. Miyagawa has equipped with the debating, English & Japanese language education methology on top of his awarded bachelors of economics. After working in the embassy of Japan to Malaysia, he has built the career as a recruiter, an educator and an entrepreneur to manage other businesses such as telco, F&B, trading and logistics.